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An addiction is a repetitive dependency syndrome which does not allow you to quit or stop the intake of alcohol or other drugs that you are prone to as a habit. This addiction creates lack of control  on themselves and they tend to lose their self esteem, tolerance level and efficiency. They also develop some of the bad qualities like selfishness, carelessness, dishonesty, stealing, carelessness towards Family and Work. Above all they spend too much money for their addiction and also be a poor handler of money.  As the person gets involved  to this alcohol and drug dependency beyond his control it becomes a chronic brain disorder, however this disorder is treatable. It  becomes compulsive and destructive of ordinary life responsibilities such as work, relationships and health, though it starts as a pleasure giving thing. And the worst part is the addict may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves, family and society.


Our professional and ethical treatment method to introspect and analyze and medication type for every patient based on their condition on the time of their arrival to the REBIRTH foundation is the key  to help them recover addiction as early as possible. The philosophy for mutual concern and responsibility that is based on the best Standards of Quality of Patient Care. Managed by a team of qualified, experienced and well trained professionals, our Therapeutic recovery programs help addicts to regain their normal lives and helps them to lead an alcohol and substance free life.

Mental and Physical condition

When the patient is first taken into the foundation, the overall condition of the addict is thoroughly analyzed before the admission. Based on the patterns of abuse / dependence, guidance regarding admission or outpatient treatment would be given. During this session respective family will be educated about the disease, treatment process and they are shown and explained about the facilities.


An important and essential session that happens after admission where our psychologist meets the family members to collect information regarding addiction history, physical illnesses, psychological problems, precipitating factors of addiction, social & occupational issues etc.., . Our Emergency Rescue team consists of task oriented members, medical personnel trained in crisis intervention, who can skillfully provide support and handle an emergency if needed.

Medical Process

Detoxification, Withdrawal Management, Anti- Craving Medications, Substitution Treatment, Physical, Psychological, alcohol and substances related Psychiatric Disorder Management.


Detoxification Process helps to get rid of toxins and pave the way for abstinence. This is the first and integral phase of the treatment and the process normally takes 21 days. It is basically aimed at the acute stage of withdrawal, where the patient is treated medically to bring back patient’s physical health & routines


Rehabilitation process basically referred to Post Acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) deals with the psychological balance that  makes the patient to realize and modify his behavioral disorders. The rehabilitation process includes psycho therapy, individual counseling, family counseling, family therapy, group therapy, relaxation therapy, relapse prevention therapy & occupational therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps patients in recognizing and understanding the causes of their Addiction and associated problems and helps them to develop skills necessary to overcome them.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Privacy, Secrecy, Denial, Justification and Blaming is the nature of Addiction. Hope and Motivation is key factor for Patients to initiate, sustain and succeed in treatment. The therapy involves recognizing the actual reason for the patient’s addiction problem, searching for a way to change and accepting with that change strategy. Our Motivational Improvement Therapy are based on principles of motivational psychology and is carried out by a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Counselor and the Managing Director.

Life Style Enhancement

Holistic Recovery requires Person Changes in terms of Body, Mind and Soul. Our Life style Management modules are designed in such a way that this change happens while the Patient is undergoing treatment. This involves Yoga, Meditation, Physical Exercise, Spiritual Practices and other healthy recreational activities to fill the void created by using of drugs.


Our Individual and Family Counseling Sessions helps to overcome the mental turmoil that they went through because of a patient. Motivating a patient in treatment means encouraging the patient to make behavioral changes, by discussing the disadvantages of continuing substance use, the advantages of stopping substance use, and helping the patient in making the necessary change. Over several sessions with a Patient  in the treatment program,  In the form of a brief intervention with a person referred for drug-related problems who has not yet entered a treatment program are few practiced methods.

Skills Training

Our Coping Skills training, while the patient is in treatment facilitates, practical day to day develop coping strategies to manage difficult life situations without resorting to substance use.

Relapse Prevention Management

The Relapse Prevention Program involves in taking control of the situations and anticipating the problems patients are likely to meet and helping them develop effective coping strategies. We conduct stand alone Relapse Prevention Programs and also  in our Inpatient treatment program. This treatment module helps patients in self-monitoring and to recognize drug cravings early on and identifying high-risk situations for use, and developing strategies for coping with and avoiding high-risk situations and the desire to use.

It helps patients to maintain changes in their substance use behavior, about how to guess, anticipate and cope with the problem of relapse.

Emotional Relapse

Though the patient is not thinking about using but  behaviors are making up for a very possible relapse in future. The signs are anxiety, intolerance, anger, defensiveness, mood swings, isolation, not seeking help, avoiding meetings, poor appetite and sleeping patterns.

Mental Relapse

Confusions inside your mind to use and not to use is the big issue that needs to be addressed in a positive way.  In initial phase you casually think about using, but in later phase you are positive on your stand of withdrawal. The signs are lying, remembrance of using places, friends, visualize or fantasize about past use and planning for relapse.

Seeking Support

Family, Relatives, Friends and Self Support Group meetings constitute a very vital role for the Ongoing Recovery of a Patient and helps the individual affected by the disease of Addiction to help lead a substance free life, with a balanced life style and Spiritual Recovery. Inpatients are taken to Self Support group meetings, while in treatment and are encouraged in attending these meetings once the patient gets discharged.

Followup & Out Patient Services

Follow up and Outpatient Services helps in Relapse prevention and is an ongoing process in the Recovery of the Patient. The physical, psychological, emotional and family state of the Patient are evaluated when the patient comes for follow up.
This helps the patient to handle urges and in the identification of the triggers and the consequences, the patient should be engaged in problem-solving and the methods for relapse prevention.

After Care

Treatment helps a patient in terms of understanding the nature of the disease of addiction and developing coping Strategies and Skills. Our services include after care recovery to handle long term substance use and conduct awareness camps.

Support Group

ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS – (Known as AA worldwide) It is a fellowship of Men & Women who share their past experience, their strength, hope in order to solve their common problem and help others to recover from Alcoholism.

NARCOTIC ANONYMOUS – (Known as NA worldwide) It is a fellowship of Men & Women who share their past experience, their strength, hope in order to solve their common problem and help others to recover from substance abuse (drugs) to stay clean.

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