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Counseling is the foremost step in the addiction treatment process. The addict patient’s mental stability and state of existence is thoroughly examined by the counselor. Starting from the early stages of the addict on the reasons on how the addiction happened to him or her and their traumatic dark journey of their addiction period until the present day. His gives a clear picture on how to go about or deal the patient based on his mental and physical state.


We offer a full medical detox for those suffering from a physical addiction to alcohol or drugs. Regular consumption of alcohol or a drug can lead to the development of a physical dependency. This means that the individual needs alcohol or the particular drug in order for them to feel ‘normal’ or to be able to function.

Once a full assessment has been completed, if required, a full detox regimen will commence. This means that the drug responsible for the individual’s physical dependence will be replaced with a pharmaceutical substitute. The affected individual will then be safely weaned off this over a predetermined period. This practice ensures that the individual does not experience acute withdrawal symptoms.  It is the safest and most successful way to detox.  To assist in the detoxification process and keep withdrawal symptoms to a minimum, the individual will also be able to benefit from some of our holistic therapies, which are proven to aid relaxation, ease physical symptoms, and reduce cravings.

Alcohol Detox

Here at Sanctuary Lodge we understand the fear involved in detoxing from alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and, in some cases, life threatening. Detoxing from alcohol in the community is not easy; some find it impossible. Temptation is all around, so when you are feeling the effects of withdrawal, knowing that another drink will fix it can often lead to relapse.

You should never just stop drinking suddenly. If your body has become reliant on alcohol, this could send you into acute withdrawals.  Some of these withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and can lead to death. We cannot emphasis enough how dangerous suddenly stopping alcohol can be.

Your safety is our priority at Sanctuary Lodge, so we will ensure that, if needed, you will receive a full medical detox.  This will drastically reduce the withdrawal symptoms to comfortable levels and ensure that you do not suffer any symptoms that are likely to be life threatening or hinder your recovery.  You will be continually monitored throughout the detox period by our team. All medications will be administered under strict protocol by our staff who provide around the clock care at our clinic. We have a qualified psychiatrist who specializes in detoxification, and staff who will offer you continual encouragement and support throughout. We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible at all times; to this end, we will regularly review your detox.

Drug detox

Drugs come in many different forms – from liquids and powders, to pills and solids. You can smoke, snort, inject, or swallow. It does not matter to us what drug you have been taking, how you administered it, or the lengths you went to get it. Everyone receiving treatment at the Sanctuary Lodge will be treated with love and with respect. Our aim is to help you recover from your addiction and go on to be a contented and productive member of society that need never return to drugs.

Detoxing from a physically addictive drug can be a very frightening prospect. The fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms as well as how these will be managed delays many from getting the help and treatment so desperately needed. Drug addiction is a serious illness and many die from it. At the Sanctuary Lodge we will do everything we can to sooth your fears and make your detox experience as comfortable as possible. We want you to say ‘yes’ to treatment, so we have created a calming and caring environment that will make your detox and rehabilitation a very positive and life changing experience.

As your safety while in our care is paramount at all times, we have a full complement of professionally-trained and qualified staff to ensure you detox safely and successfully. We are experts in the field of treating addiction and this will be reflected in the treatment and care that you receive. If you are addicted to a drug that has resulted in a physical dependence, you will be prescribed a suitable pharmaceutical substitute by our qualified psychiatrist who specializes in drug detoxification. Our psychiatrist will write up a detox regimen that will be rigidly adhered to by our staff. The regimen is prescribed to drastically reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure you a maximum level of comfort throughout, while at the same time safely removing the physical dependency from your body. You will be continually monitored throughout the process by our team of counselors, support workers, and medical staff. All medications are administered under strict protocol by staff who provide around the clock care at the clinic. You will continually receive high levels of support and encouragement while you are detoxing and throughout the rest of your rehabilitation programme.

Medical Testing & Intervention

Before administering any addiction medications, your treatment team will also ensure that you have access to adequate continuing care. This includes physicians who are licensed to prescribe the medications and support groups that welcome people who take the medications.

After detoxing a regular set of checkups to monitor the physical change to bring about a stable and healthy biological condition, so that the patient withstand the medications prescribed to that particular patient.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

As part of an individualized treatment plan, we use CBT with clients as a way to help them identify self-defeating thoughts and behaviors which may often drive addiction.

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

It’s common for individuals struggling with substance use disorder to have destructive, negative thinking. Not recognizing these thought patterns are harmful, they seek treatment for depression or other external influences. Since cognition affects our well being, changing harmful thought patterns is essential.

Group therapy

Group therapy is a specific form of counseling that is used to treat psychological disorders including substance abuse and addiction. It typically involves regular sessions where one or more therapists work with several individuals who are being treated for the same health issue.

Many people benefit from the peer support in group therapy.

Nutrition Therapy

Substance abuse and poor nutrition often go hand-in-hand. These nutrient imbalances often can make cravings for alcohol and drugs intensify, and can worsen depression and anxiety.

With proper addiction nutrition, not only can we rid the body of the toxins, but we also can decrease the new possible dependencies on sugar. People with alcohol addiction also have damaged the body’s ability to absorb and utilize important nutrients such as vitamins A, E and D, as a result of damage to the liver. This can impede their ability to break down fats and can precipitate cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. A whole foods diet is crucial for addicts in early and long-term recovery.

Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation

The meditation and breathing practices taught throughout the session provide the client with valuable tools they can take with them when they leave. These are proven methods for dealing with life’s stresses. Techniques to calm anxiety, lift mild depression, combat stress, diffuse anger and resentment, and restore a sense of serenity. These techniques can be used anytime, anywhere to break the cycle of stress induced cravings as they arise.

Each yoga group session is multi-leveled, accommodating the changing abilities of the patients as they regain their health and strength. Injury and illness are great teachers. Yogic philosophy woven throughout enhances the patient’s ability to listen to inner guidance, appreciate what is good right now, and create an empowering and uplifting inner dialogue. This allows the patient to be open to this moment, without needing to change it, act on it, or run away from it.  Through the weeks we explore a variety of physical postures, breathing methods, and meditations to create balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Family Counseling

Drug and Alcohol Addiction not only adversely affects the Addict but also their family. Drug abuse puts a lot of pressure on siblings, parents and grandparents and most importantly wife and children due to the behaviour of the addict. And more often than not the addict does not believe that they have an addiction problem so it’s usually up to a family member to take the initial steps necessary to get their loved one into a Rehab. The agony and deep stress that the family members undergo throughout the struggling phase of the addict is treated and put them back on track through various levels of easing and soothing mental worries by efficient counseling.

12 Step Program referral-after Discharge

Based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model, 12-step programs are the treatment standard in most rehabs. The steps encourage those in addiction recovery to accept their powerlessness over drugs or alcohol and get in touch with a higher power as a guiding presence to help with sobriety.

The 12 step program guide lined by the alcoholics anonymous is followed during the course of treatment with the inmates of the foundation. After the patient is recovered from the addiction and discharged from the center , they are again exposed to the previous thoughts . To overcome this negative thoughts they are advised to stay together as much as possible by attending meetings regularly conducted by the group members of their convenience. By following this they can be able to stay positive through sharing their activities and difficulties they come across.

Post Discharge Follow up

Once the patient is discharged from the center after completely coming out of addiction, it is still important to maintain the follow up to boost up his mental and physical health conditions to the maximum. The medications and the support of the professional help them to stay confident and proclaim clean habits forever.

Celebration of recovery mile stone

To up the morale and to recognize the almost impossible achievement of the patient to overcome addiction is merited and felicitated with a medallion of honor for his honesty and reputation to stay clean from addiction. This medal of honor is given to their achievement based on the number of days that extend from months to years which is administered by NA.

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