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Managing Director


Our Leader and his vision

Dr. Seeman Tamilvendan received his doctorate in social works from the Academy of Universal Global Peace. His registered honors of doctorate is attained through the credits of his unconditional loving nature and true sense of social service. To up bring the socially and economically backward people is his utmost prior work. In his long and vast career of experience, he has sacrificed quite a few of the basic joys of one’s life. The suffering of the various types of people from this dangerous and deadly disease called addiction, to alcohol and drugs caused pain in his heart. Dr. Tamilvendan decided to take up this huge and ever growing issue of addiction and provide remedy to as many addicts as possible and bring about a big change to the lives of their family members.

The managing director decided to build a rehabilitation center that would transform  many suffering souls to lead peaceful lives. After deep  research and contemplation the MD found that there are not many rehabilitation centres in India, that accommodates and treats a female or woman patient. Though  there are many number of women who suffer from addiction to alcohol and drugs who are not treated properly as there not many good and efficient rehabilitation centers that address the needs and demands of women patients who require a different set of treatment approach unlike men. His vision led to the best and confidential treatment for women as expected by their family members. His understanding skills and experience makes him identify every patient’s individual unique difficulty and treat them accordingly.

Accomplished leaders with a unified vision of excellence drive the delivery of superior substance abuse treatment and care while advancing addiction treatment.

Executive Team

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Social Workers

Message from Dr. SeemanTamilvendan, Managing Director

“My vision and life fulfilling desire to create one of those places you dream about going – to feel healed, nurtured, held, and cared for,  gives true meaning of life and attain peace.”

Disturbing psychological or unhealthy physical conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress related disorders, alcoholism, addictions, and eating disorders, are usually complex and layered experiences requiring more than just a medical or psychological approach.

Alcoholism and addictions for example, are often coping means to deal with deeper underlying issues. Comprehensive treatment therefore requires that the intersecting layers of experience, behaviour, cognition, emotion and attitude be addressed together. This requires multiple, yet coordinated therapeutic interventions, something few places in the world can offer, and which we at the REBIRTH have pioneered over a number of years.  This is why we lead the integrated treatment field.

My desire was to create one of those places you dream about going – to feel healed, nurtured, held, and cared for. We offer a unique and holistic approach to treatment that is aimed at body, mind, soul and heart and tailored to each individual with equal emphasis placed on physical health, mental well-being and emotional connection. Our clients leave our programs knowing what they have to do to maintain improved physical, mental and emotional states.

They are taught skills to better manage their lives. They are introduced to a range of therapies so that they can determine what works for them, and they are connected to practitioners in their local area so that they can continue a healthy and positive lifestyle.

In creating the best possible environment with diverse approaches and sourcing the best professionals in each modality, we have achieved a powerful healing program, specifically designed to empower each client to take control –  with the confidence to create the lives they want; complete with positive and fulfilling relationships, a rewarding job or career and a sense of contentment and happiness.

There are many reasons preventing people from seeking help.  Often, those affected are unable to even acknowledge they have a problem, with treatment outcomes being poor if someone is forced into recovery. Each person must be willing to get help, and ready to accept it.  But despite denial or resistance, anyone who is suffering will at least have some awareness that their well-being is compromised and that change is necessary. This awareness is the first spark toward a life of clean, sober and healthy living. It is all that is needed to begin and accomplish a strong and fulfilling drive towards recovery. My own personal experience strengthened that spark into a driving force that has created a service to help all people in need.

This is what I want to share with every other person in suffering.

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